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Read the instructions for use of our charging stations. Using them is extremely simple, even for first-time users.



A user must register before they use a charging station for the first time. Registration is free and, once completed, enables you to use any available charging station. Select MENU, then LOG IN and REGISTRATION.

Payment method


Complete the form by entering your personal details for logging into the ‘Let’s Go Electric’ system. As your payment method, you can select ‘Prepayment’ (pre-loading of credit onto an account) or ‘Pay As You Go’ (payment for the service once the vehicle has been charged). A user may move between the two payment methods within their account, but should make a written request to do so by writing to

Choosing a charging station


Look for your charging station on the map, select a vacant socket and then click SELECT. You can also activate a charging station by selecting ‘Read QR code’, and then scanning the QR code next to the socket. This will activate the charging process. Using the cable, connect the vehicle to the charging station. Charging will then begin..

If you use a charging station as a prepaying customer and you do not have enough credit on the account (a minimum of EUR 2), you will need to add credit to the account before charging. If you use the charging station as a ‘Pay As You Go’ customer, you will have to enter the payment method and your debit/credit card details. In that case, the system makes the appropriate pre-authorisation as a payment guarantee before you start charging your vehicle.

Prepaying customers


If you are registered as a prepaying customer, use the charging service by placing funds (credit) on your user account. Prepayment is cheaper and easier than ‘Pay As You Go’.

You can use the charging station up to the amount of credit on your account. Your credit may not exceed EUR 50 at any one time.

Pay As You Go


If you are a ‘Pay As You Go’ customer, you pay for the service immediately using a debit or credit card..

After selecting your charging station and clicking Charge enter the card number. You may choose one of the cards you have used previously, or add a new one. Before you start each charging operation, the system makes the appropriate pre-authorisation as a payment guarantee.

Charging starts after you have selected the card with which you wish to pay. After you have charged your vehicle, you are billed for the service to the actual amount of energy charged. The reserved funds are then released.


Overview of payments


Select PAYMENT in the main menu. Then select the ACCOUNT sub-menu.

You will then be shown the list of payments, you have already made. By clicking on the DOWNLOAD button next to each account, you can download the receipt for each service purchased onto your device and, if you wish, print it out.