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Welcome to a nationwide network of more than 400 charging stations

How to use a charging station

Mobile app

The ‘Gremo na elektriko’ (‘Let’s Go Electric’) mobile app enables drivers of electric vehicles to find and use electric charging stations in Slovenia and beyond its borders. Drivers may also use the app to keep an eye on the charging process.

Internet app

In addition to the mobile app, there is an internet app that offers the same functionalities. It works on all devices and platforms, providing you with hassle-free access to and use of the charging station.

RFID card

Pre-paying customers can use an RFID card, which makes our charging stations even easier to use. If you would like to order a card, contact us by email.

Take a look at the brief instructions for use of the ‘Let’s Go Electric’ app


Payment methods

Pay As You Go

The ‘Pay As You Go’ option is aimed at users who do not need to charge an electric vehicle on a frequent basis. Enter your payment card details the first time you use the station. You can then save the details for subsequent transactions if you wish.

Prepayment account

If you’re going to become a regular user of our charging stations, choose the prepayment option. Transfer as much money as you like to your account and use it every time you charge your vehicle.

Elektro Ljubljana and partner pricelists

Pricelist Elektro Ljubljana

Charging prices
Charging station type Item Unit of measurement Price incl. VAT
AC up to 22kW Charging price kWh 0,25 EUR
Surcharge for charging of over 180 minutes* EUR/min 0,03 EUR

*The surcharge is levied for charging that lasts over 180 minutes. It is only applied between 6 am and 7 pm.

Charging prices DC
Charging station type Item Unit of measurement Price incl. VAT
DC up to 50kW Charging price kWh 0,35 EUR
Surcharge for charging of over 60 minutes* EUR/min 0,03 EUR
Fee Unit of measurement Price incl. VAT
‘Pay As You Go’ customer EUR/charging 0,50 EUR
Prepaying customer EUR/charging 0,50 EUR

The fee is applied for each electric vehicle charging operation commenced

Prices for additional Slovenes
RFID card Price incl. VAT
First RFID card 5,00 EUR

Valid from 1. 6. 2022

Partner collaboration

Is parking free while I charge my vehicle in Ljubljana?

While their vehicle is being charged, users of electric charging stations in Ljubljana can enjoy free parking at any official dedicated car parking space in Ljubljana (up to three hours). Under Article 12 of the Ordinance on the Regulation of Traffic in the City of Ljubljana, a driver of an electric vehicle should mark the time of their arrival on the inside of the windscreen so that it is clearly visible and legible through the windscreen. Under the provisions of the ordinance, any infringement may be punished by a fine of EUR 80.
If the charging station is located within an official car park, you must also pay the parking fee, as this is not part of the charging service.