From January 6th, 2020, the charging service use in the Celje region and Preddvor is subject to payment.

You are kindly invited to view the terms and conditions regarding the use of charging stations and the price lists as it pertains to the use of the charging services.

On May 6th, 2019, we began charging for the use of the Elektro Ljubljana charging infrastructure. We invite you to view the terms and conditions and the price list and the brief instruction leaflet.

Price lists

Charging services price list for Gremo na Elektriko

Other services price list for Gremo na Elektriko

Charging services price list for GEK

Charging services price list for Elektro Celje OVI

Charging services price list for Preddvor


These instructions are intended for EV drivers wishing to use Elektro Ljubljana’s charging stations (CS).


Before your first charging session, please register at After successfully registering, you can start using all the available stations.

Online registration:

  1. Go to www.
  2. Click on the tab on the navigation bar REGISTRATION 
  3. Select "Registration for users", which opens the registration window 
  4. Enter your details and confirm your entry
  5. Your registration is successful if you receive a confirmation at your e-mail address. If you want to use an RFID card, contact


  1. Activate or login (see login options) at the charging station and then follow the instructions on the screen
  2. Plug the cable into a free socket and wait a few moments for a message on the screen which will allow you to start charging
  3. If you want to stop charging, first identify yourself: 
    • by presenting your RFID card to the reader
    • by sending an SMS message
    • through your smartphone app
  4. When it says "charging completed" on the screen, follow the instructions on the screen and disconnect the cable


Log in with RFID card

  • Place the card on the reader
  • Follow the instructions
  • After successfully logging in, charging will start automatically
  • To stop, present your card again to the reader

You can get your free RFID card at Elektro Ljubljana: Slovenska cesta 56, 5th floor.
Contact: Uršula Krisper, 031 742 746 or Rok Obreza, 01 230 4157 (from 7:00am to 3:00pm) or at


Login with SMS

  • Send an SMS with the keyword
    START (space) no. CS (space) no. socket
    to 030 400 441, e.g.: START SI03032 1  or scan the QR code on the socket
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. Charging will start automatically
  • We recommend using the following QR code readers: UpCode and BarCode Scanner, both are suitable for the most commonly used mobile devices

Login with App

  • Follow the instructions
  • Charging will start automatically

Charging station operating in Plug&Charge mode – no identification required

Some stations need no identification before charging. These are Plug & Charge (connected & charging) stations.

To use these charging stations you only need a special, adapted charging cable, which is usually part of the serial equipment of the EV. The 7-pin socket is currently the safest and most commonly used socket. Charging will start automatically after connecting the cable from the electric vehicle to a free socket.