We enable you to export the charging stations' coordinates to the most common navigation systems. From the list below, please select your navigation device, confirm the Terms of Use and you will be able to download the file. The file format is POI (Point of Interest = interesting place), which you can import into your navigation system.

Supported are TomTom, Navigon and Garmin. A universal export in GPX and CSV format is also available. Since charging stations data change daily, we recommend you update them regularly.


NOTE: Check the instructions for your navigation device. You have to check if it is possible to import POI files, or not. The import process is described in the instructions.



Data for TomTom devices are prepared in OV2 format.


Modern Navigon devices support "My POI" import in CSV format.


Data for Garmin devices are prepared in CSV format. Find the Instructions and import the program from the manufacturer's site.


GPX is a standardised format for GPS points and is compatible with many navigation devices.




Terms of Use for navigation device data exports available at

All information about charging stations for electric vehicles and their locations is the intellectual property of the company Elektro Ljubljana d.d. Data may only be used for importing into a navigation device and are only for private use. Any use of exported data for other purposes, especially commercial use, is not permitted.