Slovenia’s first and biggest charging stations (CS) finder. Find a station to plug your electric vehicle or sign in your own charging station. Use of this website is free. Elektro Ljubljana operates this website to provide services to EV owners, drivers and charging stations owners.

It is managed and established by Elektro Ljubljana. Our aim is to encourage the use of electric vehicles in Slovenia.

Electricity is becoming one of the strongest driving modes, especially for vehicles, which are used in everyday life. So we decided to offer all EV drivers a single point of entry – a list of all Slovenian electric charging stations.

As our users, you have an opportunity to update the charging stations finder

EVs are an innovation that is environmentally friendly.

More and more new charging stations for modern drivers are creating the conditions for respecting the environment and cutting their driving costs.

We hope this finder becomes a device for everyone – for anyone driving e-cars, e-bicycles or e-scooters and wishing to contribute to an environment without CO2 emissions.

Charging stations in the centre of Ljubljana

  • Ljubljana, Cigaletova ulica 13
  • Ljubljana, Kotnikova ulica 9
  • Ljubljana, Slomškova ulica 18
  • Ljubljana, Trubarjeva cesta 3
    (two CS for charging e-bikes)
  • Ljubljana, Miklošičeva cesta 5
    (Plug&Charge – no activation)
  • Ljubljana, Cankarjeva 11
  • Ljubljana, Vodnikov trg, ob tržnici
  • Ljubljana, parkirišče P+R, Dolgi most
  • Ljubljana, parkirišče P+R, Barje
  • Ljubljana, Dalmatinova ulica 7
  • Ljubljana, Parkirna hiša Kongresni trg, Kongresni trg 1
  • Ljubljana, Gregorčičeva ulica 17 do 19
  • Ljubljana, Križanke, Rimska cesta 5 do 7
  • Ljubljana, Občina Vič, Trg mladinskih delovnih brigad 7
  • Ljubljana, Tramvaj, Trg mladinskih delovnih brigad 10
  • Ljubljana, Parkirišče Mirje, Lepi pot 1
  • Ljubljana, Waldorfska šola, Streliška ulica 12A
  • Ljubljana, Ljubljanski grad, Grajska planota 1
  • Ljubljana, Parkirišče Tivoli, Celovška cesta 25
  • Ljubljana, Neubergerjeva ulica 2
  • Ljubljana, Kržičeva ulica 6
  • Ljubljana, Gašperšičeva 1
  • Ljubljana, ZOO Ljubljana, Večna pot 70
  • Ljubljana, Prešernova cesta 35
  • Ljubljana, Gosarjeva ulica 7

Charging stations located outside the centre of Ljubljana

  • Vrhnika, Tržaška cesta 2
  • Litija, Ponoviška cesta 2
  • Zagorje ob Savi, Cesta 9. avgusta 5
  • Kočevje, Trg zbora odposlancev 62
    (Plug&Charge – no activation)
  • Grosuplje, Adamičeva cesta 6
    (Plug&Charge – no activation)
  • Trbovlje, Ulica 1. junija 15
    (Plug&Charge – no activation)
  • Kamnik, Ljubljanska cesta 9a
    (Plug&Charge – no activation)
  • Novo mesto, Novi trg 4
    (Plug&Charge – no activation)
  • Hrastnik, Log 7
    (Plug&Charge – no activation)
  • Trojane, Trojane 11
  • Črnivec, Podlom 8, 1242 Stahovica
    (Plug&Charge – no activation)